• Future is in your hands

    By analyzing your business processes, we offer you the most effective solution

  • General is boring

    General softwares and applications never add value as much as firm-specific ones do. Feel special with our softwares and applications, specially designed for you.

  • If you start well, you create difference.

  • With cloud solutions, save yourselves from the dependency to a physical office

We are a company aiming to offer the best results for our costumers with innovative approach and young, dynamic stuff.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy means different sounds and visions which create good ideas for right decisions to an enterprise. We cooporate with you to combine our professional consultancy services with your experience and knowledge for solutions to make you different from your competitors.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions are shared resource technology services which can be scaled based on needs, are ready to use and easy to manage and allocate. on model for enabling ubiquitous, clear convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. As Smartme we are with you during the whole process to make you get benefit from cloud solutions where it is possible.

Technology Solutions

In today’s world, in which nothing stays unchanged and “perfect” things become “average” so rapidly, it is compulsory for companies to adapt technology quickly and correctly.
With our technology solutions, we help you to catch today’s technology and even to have tomorrow’s technology by today.

Software Develeopment Services

While you keep on doing your business with the due, we simplify your workflows, follow-ups and management. With our various software solutions, we add speed and trust to your business.

Smartme workflows to creates difference

Free system and process analysis

We analyze and schematize your workflows and IT infrastructure in order to enhance performance, security and efficiency of your system and processes.

Reporting the Analyses and Design of the Project

We prepare a analyses report, specifying your needs regarding hardware, network, software and security after the identification all of your needs and deficiencies/malfunctions

Test and Submission Process

Gerekli test işlemlerinden başarıyla geçtikten sonra kurulum işlemlerine başlanır, kurulumlar tamamlandıktan sonra yazılımı kullanacak olan kişilere özel eğitim verilir.Eğitimler tamamlandıktan sonra, normal teknik destek sürecine geçilir. Anlaşılan süre boyunca destek ve olası eğitimler ücretsiz olarak verilir.

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