Your system is ready within minutes

Your system will be ready to use within minutes and as desired without any infrastructure setup except internet.

Instant Set-up

In the cloud server structure, you can easily set up windows or Linux servers. The only thing you need is to choose the server for your needs.

It does not require maintenance

Through its backed-up server infrastructure, your cloud server does not require maintenance. It provides you 99.95% utility SLA, 7/24 technical support and monitoring opportunity.

Cloud Server is explicit, flexible and competible

It supports all frames, tools, languages and operating systems including Linux, SQL Server, Oracle, C#, Java etc. It brings you the best of Windows and Linux eco-systems for creating spectacular applications and services which are compatible with any devices.

Economic and Scalable

Another feature of cloud system is its flexible structure. Depending on your demand, its scale can easily be increased and decreased, so you pay for only what you use. In one phase of your business you may use a higher performing server while in other phases you may return to a more economic one. A pledge, stating to have the same price with competitors in terms of popular infrastructure services such as by-minute invoices and IT, storage, band width, means that you will always have unique prices for performance.

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