Your office is where you want

You can reach your softwares and work from anywhere, any time and with any device you want.

Superior Performance regardless of hardwares

Since cloud applications use much less system resources comparing with traditional programs, they do not cause any performance loss on system. All necessary operations are done on cloud, and this means superior performance even with modest hardwares.

Decrease in costs

It decreases the software costs. Instead of purchasing softwares for each computer, access is provided only to the applications which are needed by users. Besides, in big companies, set up and management of the programs is another cost. Since there is no need for setting up programs on computers in cloud applications, there is also no workload. Furthermore, softwares can be rented instead of being purchased, so savings can be achieved.

Always the latest version of applications

The applications on cloud informatic can instantly be updated. All users can directly be upgraded as soon as a new version is produced or an update is released to meet some defficiencies

There is no need for additional software or specific operating system

Applications do not need additional softwares or specific operating systems, so any hardware. Thus, situations/problems causing from using diffrent operating system’s are eliminated. Besides, The problems such as the apperance or accessibility of a document which has been prepared in another computer are eliminated.

It enables team-work

Many users can work and edit the same document at the same time. This is very important for the teams and groups that work mutually. Productivity and collective consciousness rises. The syncronization and update of documents and works are done completely by this technology. Thus, users can reach the latest version of their documents via internet from anywhere because the documents are stored in cloud instead of personal computers.

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