Let your machines communicate

With communication solutions among machines, we provide a more efficient use of human resources by making machines communicate

Increase the efficiency of your business

The systems which let the machines work with interaction by data-exchange with protocols among each other, are the most preferred technologies of future. Enterprises increase their efficiencies with M2M technology in variety of businesses from natural gas, water and electricity networks to agriculture, from health to logistics, from protection of historical artifacts to the management of lighthouses or traffic lights and monitoring the levels of the rivers.

Examples for communication among machines

• It saves costs with counters that measure and monitor natural gas or electricity comsuptions at each few seconds.
• It provides efficiency increases with vehicle tracking system which helps reporting the location and logistic information of vehicles, tracking logistics or remote support to the drivers.
• It prevents emergent cases with security alarms which enables to contact with control centers.
• It signs when problems with elevators or printers occurs.
• Cep telefonun çektiği her yerde kullanılabilen kredi kartı okuyucuları veya yazar kasalar (Mobil POS sistemleri).
• Tedarik zinciri sistemlerine bağlanabilen stok kontrol terminalleri.
• Petrol kuyusu platformları ve inşaat sahaları gibi kritik ekipmanların önemli olduğu alanlarda demirbaş takibi.
• Hastaların uzaktan takibini yapabilen tıbbi cihazlar.

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