A special software just for your company

We develop softwares which are plain, goal-oriented and designed based on your enterprise's work-flows.

Easily-implementable, high-performing, compatıble and safe

In order to achive the goals of your enterprise, your softwares need to be easily-implementable, high-performing, optimal-costed, compatible and safe. At this point, pacakged softwares can not meet your needs completely. Because, even companies in the same industry have different way of doing business. Instead of losing time with adapting your company to these packaged programs, achieve your goals rapidly with exclusive softwares designed spesifcally for you.

Analysis workout

First, your processes and way of doing business are analyzed and your expectations from the sofatwares are clarified.

Planning and Design Phase

Following the analysis workout, feasibility reports are prepared with the detailed examination on your business processes. Project phases are represented and your approval is received.

Start of the Projects

The project starts and within the agreed occasions you are being informed about the situation of the project with meetings on demos.

Test/Stress Tests Phase

After completing the project, test phase starts. Determined business scenarios are tested with the pilot devices. Possible errors are logged and necessary corrections are made.

Software Delivery - Training

Following the successful testing phase, setup procedures start. Then, the prospective users are trained with exclusive training programs.

Post-Project Support

After trainings are completed, technical assistance process starts. During an agreed period, support services and possible trainings are given free of charge.

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