Dynamic and innovative mobile applications

Expand your service range by bringing your services and products to your clients.

Keep the pace with the mobile age

Turkey is in a critical place in terms of mobile device usage, trade and internet usage with its dynamic and young consumer profile. This fact makes mobile applications inseperable from customer communication and interactive marketing activities. With a mobile applications, you also can expand your service range and increase your brand loyalty by bringing your services to your customers.

Take your place in all platforms

We provide you the superior design and software opportunities, considering user habits in all interior and exterior company applications, which are developed with IOS, Android and Windows systems based on your needs. The applications, which can be integrated with operational systems, give you the opportunity of having distinctive experiences with high-speed and easy connection.

Some of mobile applications that we provide:

Interactive Content Applications

In these applications, which are usually devoted for a specific product or service, visuality has the priority. Dynamics should be at highest level. Digital magazines, music platforms, video and photo galleries, opportunity brochures, digital catalogues are examples of these applications.

E-Commerce and Sales Applications

SmartMe develops softwares to increase your company promotions and sales ability with mobile sale applications which are integrated with your current e-trade system. By this way, you can develop your relationships with your customers and make it more profitable for both sides.

Reservation Applications

You can provide easy reservation opportunity to your customers with their mobile devices and use reservation applications for variety of services, such as ticket, hotel, rental car reservations, doctor appointment and etc. These applications, which can be easily integrated with operational systems, give you distinctive opportunity of high speed and easy connection.

Corporate Applications

Add value to your firm with distant-measurement, monitoring and control applications, that can be easily integrated with your current ERP, CRM and MRP.

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