Increase the system's efficiency

Do more with less resources

Rationalize your physical system

With the briefest definition, virtualization is to rationalize physical spaces. In unvirtualized systems, aproximately only 15%-20% of the usable capasity can be used and the rest stays idle.

Attain maximum efficiency

With virtualization, less physical resources ar used; idle capacities are utilized actively and efficiently; energy, space, maintainance and management resources are economized.

With virtualization solutions;

• You save from IT cost, because hardware investment costs decrease,
• You get maximum efficiency from physical resources and capacity,
• You decrease operational and maintainance costs of physical devices,
• You end software and hardware dependency,
• You facilitate management with central management,
• You decrease system room costs and increase energy efficiency,
• You simplify setup, update and new server establishment etc.,
• You facilitate data resouce management and accelerate information access.

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